About us


is one of the leading companies in the Kuwaiti market in the areas of lighting and exhibitions in general as we have been in the Kuwaiti market since 2008 to meet the needs of the market.

Production House is a Kuwaiti company specializing in the field of aesthetic interior and exterior lighting, as well as decorations for exhibitions and conferences.

We look forward to being the most distinguished in our field We have worked hard to create a name for ourselves. In the end, produced a good reputation. Many officials inside Kuwait have gained their confidence in us to carry out the biggest projects to illuminate and decorate buildings and streets and beautify them and to set up and execute internal and external exhibitions. Of designs and decorations..


Hard and sincerely to work to reach the best results. In the lighting and decorations section we have won the largest project in Kuwait and the Arab world in 2015, a luminous city where it was on an area of 35 thousand square meters in memory of national celebrations of the state. We also decorated the Arabian Gulf Street and the Kuwait Stock Exchange and the land of international exhibitions and lighting Winter Land project Musharraf and Safat Square Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, Rawda Society and Musharraf Association.

And many ministerial buildings and associations. As for the exhibitions, decoration and booths section, we were thankfully one of the best performing companies for the international real estate exhibition in Musharraf, the Egyptian real estate, the private universities exhibition and the marketing exhibition for the international exhibitions land. Our company includes the best engineers, designers and technicians trained to the highest degree for the manufacture and implementation of all works where the company has a special workshop manufacturing all forms and models for celebrations and events